Artist & Roboticist

nico [dot] m [dot] zevallos [at] gmail [dot] com


Carnegie Mellon University

2010–2014, Pittsburgh, PA

BFA in Fine Art, Robotics Minor

Universidad Andres Bello

Spring 2013, Santiago, Chile

Artes Plásticas e Ingenieria Robótica


Toward robotically automated femoral vascular access

N Zevallos, E Harber, K Patel, Y Gu, K Sladick, F Guyette, L Weiss. ISMR 2021

Evaluation of Hybrid Control and Palpation Assistance for Situational Awareness in Telemanipulated Task Execution

R Yasin, P Chalasani, N Zevallos, M Shahbazi, Z Li, A Deguet. T-MRB 2020

Masknet: A fully-convolutional network to estimate inlier points

V Sarode, A Dhagat, RA Srivatsan, N Zevallos, S Lucey, H Choset. 3DV 2020

Optimizing 'The Sacrifice'

N. Zevallos. Sigbovik 2019

Registration with a small number of sparse measurements

R. Arun Srivatsan, N. Zevallos, P. Vagdargi and H. Choset. IJRR 2019

Snake Robot Urban Search After the 2017 Mexico City Earthquake

J. Whitman, N. Zevallos, M. Travers, and H. Choset. SSRR 2018

Probabilistic pose estimation using a Bingham distribution-based linear filter

R. Arun Srivatsan, M. Xu, N. Zevallos, and H. Choset. IJRR 2018

A Real-time Augmented Reality Surgical System for Overlaying Stiffness Information

N. Zevallos, R. Arun Srivatsan, H. Salman, L. Li, J. Qian, S. Saxena, M. Xu, K. Patath and H. Choset. RSS 2018

Trajectory-Optimized Sensing for Active Search of Tissue Abnormalities in Robotic Surgery

H. Salman, E. Ayvali, R. Arun Srivatsan, Y. Ma, N. Zevallos, R. Yasin, L. Wang, N. Simaan and H. Choset. ICRA 2018

A surgical system for automatic registration, stiffness mapping and dynamic image overlay

N. Zevallos, R. Arun Srivatsan, H. Salman, L. Li, J. Qian, S. Saxena, M. Xu, K. Patath and H. Choset. ISMR 2018

Dynamic Texture Mapping of 3D models for Stiffness Map Visualization

K. Patath, R. Arun Srivatsan, N. Zevallos and H. Choset. ICRA 2017

Multimodal Registration Using Stereo Imaging and Contact Sensing

R. Arun Srivatsan, P. Vagdargi, N. Zevallos and H. Choset. RSS 2017

Bingham Distribution-Based Linear Filter for Online Pose Estimation

R. Arun Srivatsan, M. Xu, N. Zevallos and H. Choset. RSS 2017

Torque Control Strategies for Snake Robots.

D. Rollinson, K. Vasudev, N. Zevallos, H. Choset. ICRA 2014



ROS, Python, C++, Matlab, C

Web Development

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Actionscript


Blender, Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Processing, Max MSP


Spanish (read/write/speak)



CMU Biorobotics Lab · Artist in Residence

2011–present · Conducted research on DaVinci Research Kit, surgical snake robot, and CMU Modsnake, worked as lab videographer and concept artist, and was web designer and programmer for

Freelance Videography

2013–2017 · Worked with clients in the Pittsburgh area such as Hebi Robotics and Boeing to direct, shoot and edit videos circulated internally and online.

Young Makers · Teaching & curriculum design

2015 · Worked with children 6–12 years old on a STEAM summer program curriculum including animation, programming, game design, and robotics

Arcade Comedy · Lead animator

2013 · Created intro and outro animations for the End of the World Show in collaboration with Spencer Diaz

Museo de Artes Visuales,Santiago, Chile · Intern

2013 · Worked with a group of interns and Chilean artist Norma Ramírez to mount a retrospective of her work

VIA music festival · Animator

2012 · Motion graphics animation of events and artists that played between acts at every event


Dynamic Machines Top 100

Online, 2021

Malt Adult · #18

Online, 2020

New Hazelett Theatre · Terminer

Pittsburgh, PA, 2020

Bunker Projects · Lonely and Gorgeous Tears

Pittsburgh, PA, 2019

Bricolage · Project Amelia

Pittsburgh, PA, 2019

Carnegie Mellon University · Sigbovik

Pittsburgh, PA, 2019

Glitter Box · Erotica Night

Pittsburgh, PA, 2019

Carnegie Mellon University · Art and Machine Learning

Pittsburgh, PA, 2018

Medialab Ciespal · Arte y Robótica

Quito, Ecuador, 2018

Alloy Studios · SIX x ATE Ipso Facto

Pittsburgh, PA, 2016

Carnegie Science Center · SciTech Days

Pittsburgh, PA, 2016

VIA Festival · The Exquisite Donut

Pittsburgh, PA, 2016

Bunker Projects · Erotica Night

Pittsburgh, PA, 2016

Productora Mutante Presenta · Aguilas Paralelas

Santiago, Chile, 2015

Pittsburgh Opera House · Co-Opera

Pittsburgh, PA, 2015

Needle Bellas Artes · Aguilas Paralelas

Santiago, Chile 2015

Carnegie Science Center · SciTech Days

Pittsburgh, PA, 2015

Miller Gallery · Actual Size

Pittsburgh, PA, 2014

Carnegie International Apartment talks

Pittsburgh PA, 2013

John Cage Centennial

Washington DC, 2012

Frame Gallery

Pittsburgh PA, 2012

Between the Lines animation festival

Pittsburgh PA, 2011